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Linda McDonald


The Iron Maidens






June 2015

(Language: English or 日本語)

ZERO: What’s it like to be in Japan?

Linda: It’s f#cking awesome to be here in Japan. Everybody is just so passionate about music. It’s extra special to me because I’m half Japanese. It’s not my first time here, so every time we come back, I get to see my best friend and it’s always just a great experience when we come here.

“Everybody is just so passionate about music”

ZERO: How were your shows in Osaka and Nagoya?

Linda: They were great. I think that each one is slowly building up to tonight. We only have three nights on this tour, and I think that because tonight is also a Friday, it’s going to be over the top.1 I heard that it’s packed, like a sardine can2 out there now.

ZERO: How do you feel when you see the audience singing the lyrics to your songs?

Linda: It’s very funny that you asked that because last night we played Alexander the Great, and I hardly know the words to that song, and I know that there are so many words. I looked out and I see these people singing every word. How do they know this? I think it’s really cool because they are really into it, and at the same time with that song, they are getting a history lesson.

ZERO: What’s your favorite Japanese word?

Linda: “O-shiri.”3

ZERO: Are you into any Japanese bands?
Linda: I love them. I don’t have a favorite but I like Loudness and Show-ya .

ZERO: Do you have a favorite Japanese food?

Linda: I love sushi. Any kind of sushi. I also love curry. Oh my god! I love it! There’s too much rice with the curry though. I like any kind of Japanese food. We love it in the morning when we can eat the Japanese breakfast at the hotel. Yes! This is real breakfast. I love the seaweed, umeboshi and miso soup.

ZERO: Do you have any advice for people studying English?

Linda: I think that reading is good. There are so many resources online. Just never stop getting input. It’s always important to practice speaking, just like playing music, practice makes perfect. Never be embarrassed about mistakes. Just practice!

“Never be embarrassed about mistakes”

ZERO: What would be the best Iron Maiden song to learn English?
Linda: I think The Trooper is the best one. I don’t know what language the chorus is in, but it’s fun to sing.


1. “Over the top” in this context means that it’ll be awesome.

2. “Packed like a can of sardines” means that it’s crowded.

3. “Oshiri” in English is butt, bottom or ass.

Linda McDonald, “Nikki McBurrain," is the drummer of the all-female tribute band The Iron Maidens (billed as the "World's Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden").